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Welcome to the Magbungkal Store. By purchasing any of these packages, you can support us while improving your gameplay.

The store's earnings will be put toward server upkeep, growth, and the creation of new services. Please be aware that Magbungkal is entirely supported by its online store.

Where will the funds be put to good use?

The money from the store will be used for

server maintenance, expansion, and the development of new services. Please be aware that Magbungkal relies solely on its online store for funding.

Regarding the Disadvantages of Pay to Win (P2W)

We are aware of the significant benefit that these packages offer to players, but we balance it out with advantages that can be attained without having to spend money. By progressing through the game's levels, you

can, for instance, unlock powerful kits and better benefits.

We truly apologize this for behavior and acknowledge that it shouldn't be practiced in Minecraft, especially on our server. Nevertheless, payments are necessary for our server to be fully supported.


Think carefully before making a purchase. The use of forced refunds or chargebacks to obtain premium goods without paying for them will be prohibited.

If your preferred method of payment is GCash or you are experiencing some payment issues. Create a Ticket

Payment Methods

  1. Through Magbungkal Store with Paypal :paypal:
  2. Through Creating a Ticket with GCash :gcash:

Support TicketsIf you have some problems with your payments, or your mode of payment is GCash. Please considered creating a ticket at Magbungkal Support Tickets